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How to Install Aurora Store on Windows 11 in 3 Ways

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I didn’t have any expectations concerning that title, but the more I was astonished. I spent APK Savers a few minutes reading and checking the facts. I like posts that fill in your knowledge gaps. We hope you were able to easily install APKs automatically on your Windows 11 system using the guide above. If you have any more questions, feel free to reach out to us using the comments section below.

  • Of course you do, and we’re here to show you how.
  • To do this, you need to go to the developer’s website.
  • It allows us to see all the files related to our project in a hierarchical manner, and we can go through the files by quickly navigating through them.

The best part about this feature is that you can play the game anywhere, even if you haven’t connected your device to an internet connection. All games on you can download completely free and of course without registration. Just found the game you want to play quietly and immediately download the latest version.

All Setup! But What About Loading Games?

After the file is downloaded, you’ll need to enter the path of the file in PowerShell. Move the file to a location with a simple file path if you’d like. If you followed the steps correctly, a success message will appear in the Command Prompt. If you still do not see the IP address, click Refresh or reopen the settings. Installation of a simple app launcher for easy access to other apps. Put the file with same same directory as platform-tools like below.

Put on your Oculus Quest and click OK on the message request to allow USB debugging. Again, make sure that Always allow from this computer is also checked. If you have an Android phone and want to set things up, follow the instructions below. And that is how you sideload onto the Oculus Quest wirelessly without any PC or phone. Select your headset, which will open a menu beneath it. Click on More Settings and then on Developer Mode.

Device codenames

APK Editor Pro is a utility and tool application created by SteelWorks. This app allows you to edit and customize any APK files that have been downloaded online either through an app store or transferred from computers. It offers several tools and guides to deal with changing the properties of the APK file.


App Lab is Oculus’ official way of installing content onto your Quest that’s not yet in the store. It has made it far easier to get the content onto our device than using SideQuest to sideload it. The first Oculus Quest launched in May 2019 and its successor, the Quest 2 followed in October 2020. Both of these headsets are standalone systems, meaning we don’t need to be tethered to a console or PC. We can however, use SideQuest to load content onto our Quest or Quest 2 device with our PC, opening up an even bigger library of apps for us to enjoy. It’s also possible to set up wireless sideloading using the Android app, by enabling wireless ADB.